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-We make our living a'horseback

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We always try to have a selection of good horses around at all times. They will all be ridden regularly, and prices will vary depending on the individual horses abilities and current level of training. To give you an idea of price ranges, all draft cross horses on our site will start at 5500 and go up.


We do have a few select auction sales we like to bring horses to every year, so some of our horses will be prebooked in those sales, and can only be purchased through the sale ring. If a horse is booked in a sale it will be stated under his description, otherwise they are all for sale out of the place. 

Here are a few of the horses we have available right now.






Lefty is a 16.1 hand tall draft cross gelding. He is broke to ride and gentle. 8 yrs. old




Poncho is a 16 hand tall draft cross gelding. He is broke to ride and gentle. 8 yrs. old






Feathers, 16.3 hand, 8 yr. old,  Shire/Gypsy cross gelding.






The Yeti is a 16.3 hand tall, 5 yr. old, draft cross gelding. Broke to drive and green broke to ride. Yeti is right now with a young cowboy being used on a big cattle out fit learning all about ranch work. Should be back home by end of July!






Meet Katniss!!!! She is a 8 yr. old, 16.1 hand tall draft cross mare! Katniss is gentle as they come and rides nice. She is loping circles in the arena, sidepassing and backing up nicely! She also goes down the trail quiet and easy and is an all around joy to be around and ride. She is extremely classy to look at as well! Solid black with 4 white socks (yet 4 black hooves as well), a white snip and a white streak down her tail! She is a fancy looker and mover and will take you anywhere you want to go!!

She is also broke to drive single!  




Grizzly is a cute little draft cross gelding. He stands only around 14 hands tall, but wears a size 2 shoe! He is 5 yrs old and broke to ride. He is gentle and easy to get along with. He goes down the trail good, and is also being ridden in the arena loping circles. He is side passing nicely and backing up and soft in the mouth.







This is a REALLY cute gelding. His name is Calico and he is very gentle, 4 years old, 15.1 hands tall. He is half Gypsy vanner, 1/4 Frisian and 1/4 QH.

He is broke to ride and drive single and double. A real flashy hard to find kind of a horse.







Rhinestone is a good looking, 6 yr. old draft cross gelding. He stands 16.1 hands tall and is broke to ride and drive.






Hawk is a real classy, well put together draft cross gelding. He is 3 yrs. old and stands 15.1 hands tall.

He is broke to ride and drive.








This is a 5 yr. old Reg. Shire stud. He stands right at 17 HH tall. He is standing at stud. Call Jeff at 307-752-8197, for more details if you are interested in breeding to him. We believe he would make outstanding Shires or draft crosses.