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-We make our living a'horseback

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We always try to have a selection of good horses around at all times. They will all be ridden regularly, and prices will vary depending on the individual horses abilities and current level of training.

We do have a few select auction sales we like to bring horses to every year, so some of our horses will be prebooked in those sales, and can only be purchased through the sale ring. 

Here are a few of the horses we have available right now.




This is a nice looking blue roan draft cross gelding. He is 8 yrs. old and stands 15.2.

He is broke to drive double and can be driven with the horse below (Snuff).

He has been saddled and had some groundwork, but has not yet been ridden.





Snuff is a 7 yr. old draft cross gelding. He stands 15.3 hands tall and is broke to ride and drive. (would match the horse above). He has been ridden both in the arena and outside and does good. He is however not a beginner or novice type horse. He has never bucked, but has "a big motor" and would intimidate a novice rider.




Calypso is a 5 yr. old, 16.2 hand tall draft cross gelding. He is very gentle to be around and ride and has a laid back personality. He has been on the trails and is not spooky and will go where you point him. In the arena he s beginning to lope nice circles and will back and sidepass. He is still considered green, but a very "safe" feeling horse to ride. He loves people and tries hard and hardly every gets excited about anything.

Calypso will be used all summer in cowcamp on the mountain, and should be the kind of horse to fit most anybody at the end of summer.






Rio is a 4 yr. old draft cross gelding. He stands right at 15.3 hands tall and rides nice. He has been on trail rides and also been ridden in the arena. He is soft and responsive and fun to ride. We recommend intermediate rider on up for this horse at this point.





This is Gypsy Joe! He stands just under 14 hands tall and is registered with the International Pattern Sporthorse Registry.

He is 5 yrs old and started well under saddle.

A real cool little horse.


**For video of Gypsy, please click here**




This is a very nice minded draft cross gelding. He is 5 yrs. old and stands 16.1 hands tall. He is very gentle to be around and is broke to drive double with the horse below. He has been saddled but has not yet been ridden.




This is a 15.3 hand tall, 3 yr. old, draft cross gelding. He is broke to drive with the horse above. He has been saddled but not yet ridden.




Cocoa  is a 14.3 hand, 10 yr. old draft cross gelding. He is well broke to trail ride and will go anywhere you point him. He also lopes circles in the arena, back and sidepasses. He is good with bull whips, tarps, balls and other obstacles. A good little trail horse, with no buck or bad habits. He is also broke to drive single.  



 **For video of Cocoa, please click here**



Thor is a 4 yr. old Frisian/QH cross gelding. He is a very handsome horse, broke to drive and started under saddle. Thor stands 15.3 hands tall. Thor will be on the mountain with us this summer, working on a grazing permit, so he will have lots of trail miles under his belt come fall. We are really excited about this nice young horse. He is very athletic and shows great potential.




Hoe Down is a 5 yr. old draft cross gelding. He stands approx. 16 hands tall.

Hoe Down is started riding and will lope circles, beginning to side pass and backs up. He has also been ridden in the mountains and on the ranch a few times and does well. He is still green broke to ride, but gentle and not a spooky type horse. This is going to be a really nice horse, and we are quite excited about him. Hoe Down is on the mountain with us this summer and should have lots of trail miles by fall.





This is a 3 yr. old draft cross gelding. He stands approx. 15.2 hands tall. He has been ridden on the ranch and gone on trail rides. He is however still green and not considered finished.