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We always try to have a selection of nice quality mules around at all times. They will all be ridden regularly, and prices will vary depending on the individual mules abilities and current level of training.

We do have a few select auction sales we like to bring mules to every year, so some of our mules will be prebooked in those sales, and can only be purchased through the sale ring. 

Here are a few of the mules we have available right now.




Pepples is a 8 yr. old molly mule. She stands approx. 14.2 hands tall. Pepples has been used on a grazing permit in the Big Horn Mountains all last summer, and was used by in hunting camp all fall and was both guide on, and has also had meat packed on her.. She has a lot of energy, and will go all day long.

She also lopes nice circles in the arena , sidepasses and will be soft in the mouth and ribs. A real fun little mule to ride.


**For video of Pepples, please click here**


**More video of Pepples**




This is Emma. She stands 15.1 hands tall and is broke to drive double with Eva, and has been ridden a few times. She is gentle and easy to get along with.



This is Eva. She stands 15.1 hands tall and is broke to drive with Emma. She has also been ridden a few times. She is a nice gentle mule to be around.





This is Butternut! He is a very friendly and people loving mule, that likes your attention. He wants to ride around nice, but is still just green broke to ride. He is 5 yrs. old and stands 14 hands tall.




This is a nice, gentle mule. He is 4 yrs old and stands 15 hands tall. He has been ridden, but is still very green.





Reuben is a very nice mule! He is very very gentle and rides out on the trail like a champ. He is 4 yrs. old and stands close to 15.1 hands tall and has a nice back and wither. Reuben is the kind of mule that most anyone should be able to get along with and ride. Reuben was also broke to drive single before we got him.



**For video of Reuben, please click here**




This is Knute. He is 15.2 hands tall and 9 yrs. He is gentle and rides real nice. He is out of a registered QH mare and a registered jack.




Gracie is a 8 yr. old, very pretty mule! She stands 14 hands tall and is broke to ride, and gentle to be around. She is however still green and needs a confident rider at this point, until she gets more miles under her belt.




Jolene is a 15 hand tall, very pretty mule. She is being ridden and will used behind cattle all next summer in the mountains. at this point she is still very green and would need a confident, experienced rider at this point in her training level. She is a very sweet hearted mule, that we feel is going to be something outstanding when she is finished.




Jitterbug is a cute little mule. He is 12 yrs old and stands approx. 14.1 hands tall. He is super broke to ride, and will lope western pleasure pretty circles. He also does great on the trails! This is very pleasurable mule to ride!!  He does however have a few small mule issues as we like to call them, and will try to take charge and take advantage  if your not a strong, confident rider and knowledgeable mule person. If you have any questions, we would be happy to fully explain about the mule issues if you would like to give us a call. 307-737-2146