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-We make our living a'horseback

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We always try to have a selection of nice quality mules around at all times. They will all be ridden regularly, and prices will vary depending on the individual mules abilities and current level of training.

We do have a few select auction sales we like to bring mules to every year, so some of our mules will be prebooked in those sales, and can only be purchased through the sale ring. 

Here are the mules we have right now.  




Raven  is a very classy 16.1 hand 1150 Lb coal black molly mule. I really like this mule and have used her for most everything on the ranch and in the mountains. I have roped cattle, started and flagged colts,hunted and guided on her,rode her down the highway to church and just truly enjoyed her. She will have a good ground covering walk, be soft in the mouth and ribs and have a great neck rein. She is good to catch and shoe, is good about her ears and to bridle,She has been hobbled and highlined, Been ridden and used on a cattle grazing permit 1 full season in the mountains. Raven has also been packed and used for wrangling horses. she has been thru the rivers and over the logs. She is a very smooth traveler and I believe is out of a Thorobred mare and Mammoth jack. Raven has great withers and holds a saddle as good as most horses.She lopes pretty circles, is good with the bullwhip, tarps, balls and all the arena toys. She will pick you up off the fence or from a bucket. I believe she would be a very classy english or dressage mule, but could also make a outstanding team roping and rodeo event mule. Raven is a raving black beauty and reminds me a lot of one of the best mules I have ever owned named Cadillac Jack.

New up to date video will be posted of her a month before the auction. 

**For video of Raven, please click here**


Raven will be sold at Jake Clark Muledays 2017. She will not be sold before then. Please check back periodically for videos and updates on her training.