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-We make our living a'horseback

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This picture is taken at Highland park in the Bighorn Mountains. We are taking a group of local men on a packtrip for Spear'o'wigwam lodge. This is a stop on the trail that goes from the lodge to the camp at Beaver lakes. Jeff is sitting on his personal mule Shania Twain, holding a string of our own mules.

This is from the camp at Beaver Lakes. the left picture is Christina providing the evening entertainment while the dishwater is being heated. The right picture is both of us preparing dinner.
























This is me on my mule Back Alley Sally, leading a string of our own mules and horses out from a very remote hunting camp, where we stayed and cooked and wrangled horses for 40 days strait.





(riding in the parade at Jake Clark Muledays 2011)


Every year we take five good mules to Jake Clark Muledays, and we enjoy all the events going on there. Right picture is us riding a older mule named Smokey double. We had just gotten married a couple of days earlier, so we thought we would ride ol' Smokey in the parade with a bell around his neck and just married written on his butt. Surely we won a nice shirt for being the best entrance in the parade.

The Left picture is Jeff roping on Shania Twain in the ribbon roping. His brother Cal is mugging and Christina is pulling the ribbon.


Last year the Western Horseman magazine was at Jakes taking pictures for an article, that you can find in the June 2011 issue. They made and additional video with many many pictures of the sale, it is very nice. Click here to watch.



We really enjoy our job riding on cattle in the Bighorns. It does wonders for both our minds and the horses and mules minds. Below is a short video of me riding a black half draft horse behind cattle.





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(you must have silverlight to watch slideshow)



Here is a video of roping horses in the roundpen:



We also find it nice to simply just take good long trailrides with friends and family. first pictures is from the mountains by Cody Wyoming. Jeff and I took the weekend off and went trail riding. Second picture is Jeffs brother in the lead, Jeff himself riding Sparkie in the middle and my dad visiting from Denmark riding Willow. We went for a trail ride in the mountains one cloudy day.





We also like driving horses single and double:


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Well we do take a break once in a while:

























 We had a lot of fun at Jake Clarks Muledays this year (2012). Below is a few pictures from there.


(here we are doing the hide race. Christina riding the hide and Jeff riding Sissy)



(Christina showing Doc A'Lena in the ranch mule competition.)


(Doc A'Lena showing the crowed that she will lay down on cue.)