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Wyoming Horses And Mules

-We make our living a'horseback

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Wyoming Horses and Mules is located 12.5 miles east of Sheridan, in the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains. We make a living with our horses and mules by riding on a grazing permit in the mountains behind cattle, guiding packtrips, working hunting camps or training horses here at our own ranch. We have a little cattle herd here for training purposes, along with and indoor and outdoor arena.
We also train a few draft cross teams to drive, as we use them for discing and working our arenas and meadows, along with going to church on Sundays.
We offer a great variety of horses and mules, and always strive to have a set of gentle quarterhorses, with good minds and conformation around, at all times.
We also have a good selection of quality saddle mules that we use for everything; working cows, riding in the mountains, rodeo events and packing. We have a mule for it all.
These past couple of years, we have begun to work with a few classy half draft teams, which we really enjoy. They are great horses to be around and work with because of their willing attitude and eager to please as well as their calm and gentle disposition. They are great in the mountains, good for driving, and still handy enough to work cattle.  
Fell free to click here to view a few pictures and videos from our everyday life here on the ranch and in the mountains.
(Christina roping on 'Royal')

(Jeff packing salt to the cattle in the Big Horns)
(Christina on Peppie in the Big Horn Mountains during our summer job.) 
It is important to us, that both you and your horse or mule are happy with each other, and we take pride in having our mules and horses riding and working to the best of their ability both in the arena, on the job or on the trail. 
We care about all our mules and horses, and feel that each horse and mule is an individual.
It is our main goal to get to know each horse and mules individual personalities, so we can find the animal best suited for you and your needs.
We owe so much to the horses and mules, as each one will teach us better understanding.
We have been blessed to be able to make a living together in the mountains and on the ranch, and are looking forward to hearing from you, and helping you find your new dream horse or mule.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or requests for additional pictures or videos of our horses and mules for sale:
Wyoming Horses and Mules
- Jeff and Christina Tift
Phone:  307-737-2146
Address: 1275 us hwy 14, Banner Wy 82832