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-We make our living a'horseback

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With the increasing interest in the draft cross horses, we have purchased a registered Shire stud horse. 
Alexander is very good headed with a nice round hip and is very athletic and moves like a cat for a 17 hand horse. 
We have purchased 10 quarter horse mares with good bloodlines and will get our first colt crop this spring.The colts from this stallion will be registered in the Shire sport horse association. Stay tuned here from updates, pictures and videos of Alexander, his mares and foals.   
We are also standing this good stud to outside mares for live cover at 500$ plus 25$ a week mare care.



(a very haired up pictured of Bailey. She is 5 months old in this picture. She is the first baby out of Alexander.)

(Bailey, first baby out of Alexander, just one day old in these two pictures)

(Bailey 3 months old, out enjoying the weather with her mom)