Blue Dollar Bill

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We are proud to be introducing you to our true, blue roan Percheron stallion Blue Dollar Bill! 
He stands 16.3 hands tall and is very gentle and easy to be around. He is broke to ride and drive and is a polite horse to handle.  He really likes people and is always looking to please
Bill is a proven breeder with colts on the ground with many of them being  blue roan. This 5 year old stallion is E/E with no red factor, a/a black pigment throughout the body and Rn/rn one copy of roan. 

We are excited to offer this exceptional stallion to outside mares for A/I only at 750$ breeding fee from February 1st thru June 1st of 2022. 

Call us now to reserve your spot. 
Jeff : 307-752-9319
Christina: 307-752-8197

We will be standing him through Rising C Equine
For further information on collection fees please look up their website. 

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