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We are Jeff and Christina Tift. We have been married for 14 years, and enjoy working together with our horses and mules everyday. We love everything we do with our horses, from getting to know them, teaching them softness and respect, developing a loving, willing and understanding relationship, to taking nice relaxing outside rides in the mountains and doing ranch work. 

We find our job very rewarding, as we see our horses and mules progress every day, and eventually find them a new, loving, permanent home.

Jeff has always been involved with horses and mules. His father is a well respected horseman and teamster, and Jeff grew up training and showing horses along side him.


Jeff has always had a passion for making good horses and mules and has been gifted with a natural ability to read and understand the individual horse or mule, and rides with feel and softness.

Through the years Jeff has also ridden with and learned from some of the best horsemen and trainers in the country.  


Jeffs other passion is for the wild mountains, and he spent 25 years guiding hunters and guests into the most remote mountains and wilderness areas of Wyoming and Alaska.


Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife, roping, packing, driving teams and spending as much time in the mountains with our horses and mules as possible, along with chasing wild dreams and adventures.

Christina was born and raised in Denmark, where she grew up with a strong love for animals and everything western.

In 2006 her passion for country music lead her to Wyoming, where she met Jeff, and they started working together.

Jeff tought Christina everything he knew about horses, cattle and working in the mountains, and through the past 14 years Christina has developed great horsemanship skills, training with softness, feel and love.


She has competed in ranch horse and trail

competitions, team ropes, trains horses, packs, drives teams and works cattle a'horseback in the mountains.

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