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We always try to have a selection of nice quality mules around at all times. They will all be ridden regularly, and prices will vary depending on the individual mules abilities and current level of training.

We do have a few select auction sales we like to bring mules to every year, so some of our mules will be prebooked in those sales, and can only be purchased through the sale ring. 

Here are the mules we have right now.  

***Please look at  this site on a computer instead of your handheld devices. I don't know why, but the order of pictures and descriptions of horses will not match up when viewed  on a phone or tablet. ***


Katie is probably the prettiest mule we have ever owned. She stands a solid 15.2 hands tall and has a very cute head and as nice of a conformation as you could ever ask for! She is 7 years old. We have used her for everything here on the ranch and in the mountains. She is easy to catch, shoe and is both picket and hobble broke. She has been used in the Big Horn mountains on a summer grazing permit behind cattle and in the mountains hunting deer and elk. Katie has been shot of and has packed meat and horns. She has been used to lead the pack string and to wrangle horses along with flagging and halter breaking colts. We have hauled her to Arizona and trail ridden her exploring the desert country.
She is very sure footed and will cross the logs, bogs, downed timber, rivers and mountain passes with ease.
Katie is a super nice mule that likes people and gets along great with other horses and mules and is good around dogs.
We really like this mule, and she has been a lot of fun. She has a great one-handed neck rein, is soft in the face and mouth, will side pass with ease, picks up her leads and lopes nice, collected circles and is a very smooth riding mule. Katie has real nice bone, a good-sized foot, big pretty eyes and a well-rounded hip.
For more information and video please go to or call Jeff and Christina 307-752-8197 or 307-752-9319

Katie is consigned to Jake Clark Muledays 2023. For more information, please go to 

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Miss Blue is one of the sweetest mules I have ever worked with. From the day she was born, she has been naturally gentle and wanting to be with people. She is also incredibly smart and willing and is learning everything so fast! She is really easy to catch anywhere, leads well, is soft and responsive to the halter and is great about picking up her feet.
Miss Blue loves a good ear scratch and is just very polite and easy to be around and handle.
She lays down on cue, has been saddled (with a light english saddle) and ground worked. She already side passes over to a bucket or fence so she will be easy to get on when that time comes. She has also had some liberty training and is just over all very impressive for her young age. She has also been exposed to all the arena toys and does great with balls, tarps, going thru the noodles, cracking the bullwhip around her and flags. She is easy to bathe, loads well, stands tied good and has been ponied out.

Miss Blue is registered with the American Mule Registry. She is sired by our registered Mammoth Jack Hunter Mtn. Crow, who is a double bred Texas Scooter bred jack. and her Dam a nice homozygous roan AQHA mare that is Leo Hancock Hayes bred.
We expect her to mature around 15.1 hands tall with nice bone and foot and a well-balanced conformation.
Miss Blue has a nice dark, roan color and is as close to a true-blue roan mule as we have ever had. That is very existing to us as they are very rare.

This sweet mule is sure to make someone the most amazing friend and partner and we are beyond exited and proud to get to offer her to you here at Jake Clarks Mule days.
You can follow along on Christina Bach Tift facebook page and watch her as she progresses with her liberty and other training as we get ready for saleday. There will also be a full and up to date video available closer to sale day. You can find it on our website
We would also love to tell you more about her and you are welcome to call anytime 307-752-8197.



Miss Blue will be offered as a yearling at Jake Clark Mule days 2023. For more information, please go to 

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