We always try to have a selection of good horses around at all times. They will all be ridden regularly, and prices will vary depending on the individual horses abilities and current level of training. To give you an idea of price ranges, all draft cross horses on our site will start at 6500 and go up.


We do have a few select auction sales we like to bring horses to every year, so some of our horses will be prebooked in those sales, and can only be purchased through the sale ring. If a horse is booked in a sale it will be stated under his description, otherwise they are all for sale out of the place. 

Here are a few of the horses we have available right now.

6 yr old, blue roan Percheron Stud. Stands 16 hands tall.

 Nighthawk was bred by Freelands Gypsys one of the premier Gypsy Vanner breeders in the nation. He is out of there great stud Casanova by the legendary Legend Boy.Nighthawk is just a true joy to be around and work with he is always willing to please and people friendly. We started Nighthawk this spring and he is such a fast learner he will lope nice circles, sidepass, is good with the bullwhips, tarps, balls and flags and all,He has also been ridden out thru the hills. you can catch him anywhere. he is good with his feet and to load and haul. Nighthawk will stand 14.3 hands now so should mature around 15.1. With his great disposition and pedigree he could stay a breeding stallion or make a nice gelding. I believe about anyone in the family can get along with Nighthawk.  


Night Hawk is consigned to an online timed auction. It begins Thursday April at noon and closes Friday, April 3. at 6 PM. You can join the auction here http://videosales.billingslivestock.com/

Ice Man got it all. He is the cutest Gypsy gelding with lots of long flowing mane and tale and a nice little head.  He stands 14 hands tall and is 6 years old. This gelding is very gentle and just shines with kindness. He is always easy to catch, polite to be around and stands for saddling and mounting. Ice Man has been ridden all summer in the Big Horn Mountains behind cattle and is such a wonderful horse out on the trail. He walks out with a nice fast walk on a loose rein and was everyone favorite horse to go move cows and enjoy the ride. He just simply goes where ever you point him with now fuss. 

He has a very smooth and soft feel to him and is so easy to ride. He lopes nice circles in the arena, side passes and turns around correctly,  and of course he's also good with the tarps, flags, bouncy balls, bull whips and so on.  He also lays down on cue to both mount and dismount. Ice Man is a all around good horse with no issues. I think most anyone should be able to get along with him. He is gentle and stays that way. 

Ice Man is consigned to the Cody Horse sale that will be held on mothers day weekend in Cody Wyoming 2020. Phone bids are accepted.  

Alexanders War Wagon is a 3 year old colt by our Shire stud and a nice quarter horse mare. He is very gentle, likes people and has been messed with since birth. War Wagon is  registered with the Shire sports horse association. War Wagon rides really nice both in side and out side the arena. He is very smart and wants to please. Check out this special kind of horse. 

Chimney is a registered Gypsy gelding. He is 4 years old and stands 14.1 hands tall. This cool Gypsy is both gentle and fun to ride! He got just the right combination of responsive and gentle to be able to do it all. I am having so much fun with him and can't help but think he's something a little extra special. He is such a smart and willing little horse and just learns everything so fast. Show him what you want and he will try so hard to please you. He is very soft and responsive and picks up his leads both ways and got the smoothest lope. He is good with the tarps, bull whips, flags, bouncy balls and any other obstacles. He is also broke to drive single and you can drag anything off the saddle horn as well. He is also a joy on the trail and travels out with  nice paced walk and is comfortable going out both alone and in a group. He is willing to go anywhere and thru anything you point him at. He also got a set of excellent ground manners and is a pleasure to be around and work with.  I can't imagine that who ever is lucky enough to end up with this sweet horse won't love him as much as i do.  

Chimney is consigned to the Cody Horse sale that will be held on mothers day weekend in Cody Wyoming 2020. Phone bids are accepted.  

Here's a chance to own a very unique kind of horse. Little Big Man is a draft cross gelding but stands just a nice 14.3 hands tall making him stout enough to carry any size rider but still easy to get on and off. He is 6 years old and got a nice deep sorrel color and a flaxen mane and tall making him very flashy to look at and you'll be sure to get compliments anywhere you go on this cool guy. He is an excellent trail horse that walks out with confidence either alone or in a group and goes anywhere you point him. You just get on, point and enjoy the trail. He also rides nice in the arena. He got a nice natural forward motion to him and a soft and responsive feel and is a blast to ride. He is soft and responsive and lopes nice circles, side passes, stops and does turnarounds with ease. He is also good with all the gadgets such as tarps, bull whips, flags and bouncy balls.. you name it. 

He is also broke to drive single and you can drag anything of the saddle horn as well. This is a all around good and problem free horse that will be fun and good for his new owner. 


He is consigned to the Cody Horse sale that will be held on mothers day weekend in Cody Wyoming 2020. Phone bids are accepted.  


Bootlegger is a 6 year old, gypsy cross gelding. He stands 15.1 hands tall and is really fun to ride, got lots of feel and is such a nice, special kind of horse. 

This is another fancy fancy filly out of a bay roan QH mare and our Shire stud Alexander. She is  2 eyars old now and started riding. She is very smart and got lots of potential. These pictures is of her as a weanling. New pictures will come once she sheds out this summer.  

Captain is a 4 year old, 15.1 hand, draft cross gelding. He ride around gentle and nice and is also broke to drive. 

Angelina is a fancy filly . She is Frisian/morgan/shire/quarter horse cross. She is 2 years old now and been started riding. She is doing well and showing lots of smarts and athletic abilities. She is a weanling in these pictures. .We will get new pictures when she sheds out this summer. 

The Drifting Frenchman is a home raised Registered Shire Sport-Horse,Out of our good Shire stud and a registered Quarter horse mare that is Frenchmans Guy and Sunfrost on the top and Wilywood and Orphan drift on the bottom, This Handsome 15.1 hand two year old gelding has a really really good start and handle on him. He is a forward moving colt that is always willing to please, he is soft in the mouth and ribs has been exposed to all the arena toys,been ridden outside, and is very people friendly. He could go english or western, and could excell in any event from fox hunting to a pick-up horse,or a excellant trail family horse.

Drifting Frenchman is now consigned to an online timed auction. It starts April 2nd at noon and closes Friday, April 3. at 6 PM. You can join the auction here http://videosales.billingslivestock.com/

Foxy is a very special girl. First to meet you and just smarter and more willing than the rest. She is a registered Shire sports horse and our favorite minded baby of this colt crop. She's out of Alexander (our Shire stud) and a bay roan QH mare. You can see both moms and Foxy papers below.She's just a 3 year old, but you can already see shes just a little bit extra special. She rides really really nice both in and outside the arena already

Gideon is a registered 4 year old Frisian sports horse gelding. He stands 15.3 hands tall. This gelding has a lot of potential to go in any direction you want. He is soft and responsive, but yet gentle and easy to ride and handle. He's got beautiful fluent movements and is just a joy to ride both in the arena, in the mountains, and on the ranch. He is always easy to catch and has great ground manners. He stands good for saddling and will even side pass up to a mounting block for you to get on. He picks both leads in the arena and looks so good loping smooth collected  circles. He also has nice turn arounds and sidepasses well too. He also travels out on the trail well and crosses both rivers and bogs and goes thru the timber nicely. He is a fast learner and has always taken to new thing very willingly and keeps calm thru new obstacles. We have had several brothers to this horse and they have all had great minds and been easy to train and work with and this horse has not disappointed either. This is a wonderful, problem free, fancy looking and moving gelding that  should be easy for most anyone to go on with. He is super nice and we are proud to be offering him at the Cody Horse sale. 

Gideon is consigned to the Cody Horse sale that will be held on mothers day weekend in Cody Wyoming 2020. Phone bids are accepted.  

Cowboy, will stand 15 hands and is a gentle true blue roan gelding that has been used on the ranch along with trail riding in the mountains. he will have a nice soft handle , lope the circles and sidepass and all, he has been exposed to all the tarps and flags and balls , along with a lot of outside riding, this is a very handsome young gelding.

Mr. Bojangles is by our Shire stud horse Alexander and out of a nice roan QH mare. He is 3 years old and stands 15.1 hands tall. This is a very fancy looking, registered Shire Sports horse. He is riding nice in the arena and been ridden outside as well. He is a good mover and feels good underneath you. He will make somebody a really nice horse.