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We always try to have a selection of good horses around at all times. They will all be ridden regularly, and prices will vary depending on the individual horses abilities and current level of training.


We do have a few select auction sales we like to bring horses to every year, so some of our horses will be prebooked in those sales, and can only be purchased through the sale ring. If a horse is booked in a sale it will be stated under his description, otherwise they are all for sale out of the place. 

Here are a few of the horses we have available right now.

***Please look at  this site on a computer instead of your handheld devices. I don't know why, but the order of pictures and descriptions of horses will not match up when viewed  on a phone or tablet. ***

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Here's a cutie for you. He is a 8 year old, registered QH gelding. He is gentle and green broke to ride at the moment but is being ridden almost every day.

He is very shapy and just the right age and size. He stands 14.1 hands tall. 

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Big Timber is a really nice draft cross gelding. He is 6 years old and stands 16.2 hands tall. 
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Hickory is a very nice minded and kind grade Quarter Horse gelding. He is started riding and showing lots of potential. He is 3 years old and stands 14.3 hands tall. 
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Jewel is a super nice draft cross mare. She is 4 years old and stands 16 hands. 
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IMG_3711 (2).JPG

Misty is a 5 year old, 14.3 hand tall Frisian/QH cross mare. 

She will be registered with the Frisian heritage sports horse association. 

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Gunslinger is super gentle!! He rides really nice and is a pleasure to own. He is only 3 years old, but rides and acts much more mature than that. He is a draft cross gelding and stands 15.3 hands tall. 
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WOW! Blue Moon is something extra special. He is a registered Gypsy/Quarter Horse gelding. He is only a year old but is sooo gentle. You can catch him anywhere and he loves attention and affection. He stands 14.1 hands tall right now and still growing.  

Meet The Wolf. He is one of the coolest horses we have ever owned. He stands 15.2 hands tall and 5 years old. He is a shire/quarter horse cross. 

Jeff has decided that the Wolf is very special to him and is currently not for sale. 

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Hawk is a nice cross bred gelding.  Stands 16 hands tall and is 3 years old and started riding.